Makers of durable leather goods that blend urban life with rugged British aesthetics.

Arkin are a leather goods workshop and store supplying hardcrafted lifestyle items including accessories and homewares. Goods stocked come from people who take pride in their tools and are immersed in their craft, creating things designed to last and work.


Our making philosophy revolves around something we call Hardcrafted. An item that is Hardcrafted is one that is made using the best materials, by someone who’s experience and passion for their craft leads them to using techniques and tools most suitable to the task. All the items we stock in the Arkin store in Bristol come from makers who share the Hardcrafted philosophy – our curated selection of accessories and homewares are built to last, while also being beautifully useful.

In other words, Hardcrafted means craftsmanship, quality and durability.